Jan. 25: Called the Army Corpse of Engineers to express concern over DAPL

Whilst perusing the internet for my action of the day, I stumbled upon a site called “5 Calls: Make your voice heard.” At the top of their list was a script to use to call the Army Corpse of Engineers to urge them to take the many issues with the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) seriously while compiling its environmental impact report.

#NODAPL and #NOKXL have been some of my pet movements for years. There is a group out of Nebraska (Shoutout Bold Nebraska) that has done tremendous work to halt the pipeline. I was sickened when President Trump signed the executive order to revive both DAPL and the Keystone XL pipeline.

The Army Corpse of Engineers seems to have set up a catch-all voicemail to take calls, which leads me to believe they have been inundated with calls protesting President Trump’s executive order and urging them to do the write thing. Lets hope it works (edit- lets do something about it until it works).

Find out more about Bold Nebraska here: http://boldnebraska.org/

5 Calls script I used to make this call: https://5calls.org/#issue/recJmPdZYf0LAkspE


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